Organizational Relationships in the Networking Age

Organizational Relationships in the Networking Age

The Dynamics of Identity Formation and Bonding

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Contents: Preface 1. Organizational Relationships in the Networking Age: An Introduction Part I: The Framing of Organizational Relationships 2. Commitment and Community in Organizations 3. The Performance Nature of Identification: Modes of Management and Actors at Work 4. The Critical Edge of Individualization: About the 'Culturing' of Service Delivery and the Performance of Privacy 5. Ideology, Consensus and Organizational Effectiveness in a Fragmenting Society: Western Combatants in the Second World War Part II: Personal Coping Strategies of Organizational Actors 6. Management as a Dead End: How Managers Survive in a Culturally Complex Environment 7. The Discursive Constructions of Performing Professionals 8. Identity Creation in Temporary and Scattered Work Practices in a Relational Perspective 9. Identity Construction and Commitments of Graphic Designers Part III: Shifting Inter-Organizational Relationships and Identity Formation 10. The Construction of Identity in a Fragmenting Telecom Operator 11. Identities and Relationships in the Theatre of the Dotcom Industries 12. Changing Identities of European Farmers 13. Biotechnology: The Production of New Identities 14. Organizational Relationships in the Networking Age: A Concluding Analysis Index
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