Handbook of Organizational Routines

Handbook of Organizational Routines

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Contents: PART I 1. The Past, Present and Future of Organizational Routines: Introduction to the Handbook of Organizational Routines Markus C. Becker 2. The Concept of a Routine Geoffrey M. Hodgson PART II: ORGANIZATIONAL ROUTINES ACROSS DIFFERENT FIELDS 3. Organizational Routines in Political Science Timothy J. McKeown 4. Routines, 'Going Concerns' and Innovation: Towards an Evolutionary Economic Sociology Marc J. Ventresca and William N. Kaghan 5. Organizational Routines in Accounting John Burns and Robert W. Scapens 6. Problem Solving and Governance in the Capability-based View of the Firm: The Roles and Theoretical Representations of Organizational Routines Giovanni Dosi, Marco Faillo and Luigi Marengo PART III: ORGANIZATIONAL ROUTINES, SEARCH AND LEARNING 7. Organizational Routines in Evolutionary Theory Thorbjorn Knudsen 8. Organizational Routines and Organizational Learning Anne S. Miner, Michael P. Ciuchta and Yan Gong 9. Organizational Routines and Performance Feedback Henrich R. Greve 10. Routines and Routinization: An Exploration of Some Micro-Cognitive Foundations Nathalie Lazaric 11. Staying on Track: A Voyage to the Internal Mechanisms of Routine Reproduction Martin Schulz 12. The Role of Teams and Communities in the Emergence of Organizational Routines Patrick Cohendet and Patrick Llerena PART IV: CONDUCTING EMPIRICAL RESEARCH ON ORGANIZATIONAL ROUTINES 13. Issues in Empirical Field Studies of Organizational Routines Brian T. Pentland and Martha S. Feldman 14. Conducting Experimental Research on Organizational Routines Alessandro Narduzzo and Massimo Warglien Index
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