Cities and Regions in Crisis

Cities and Regions in Crisis

The Political Economy of Sub-National Economic Development

Jones, Martin

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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Offering a geographical political economy analysis, this book explores the mechanisms, institutions, and spaces of subnational economic development.Theoretically innovative and empirically focused, this timely book is a must-read for researchers and policy-makers of urban geography, regional development, political economy and public policy.
Contents: Preface Introduction: Geographical Political Economy, Neoliberalism, and the Crisis Space Impedimenta State PART I THE NEW LOCALISM 1. Government and Governance 2. Urban Crisis and Contradiction 3. Zones of Welfare and Workfare PART II THE NEW REGIONALISM 4. Regional Development Agencies 5. Spaces of Regionalism 6. City Region Building PART III THE NEW NEW LOCALISM 7. Locality Making 8. Devolution Dynamics 9. Devolution Depoliticisation PART IV ALTERNATIVES TO NEOLIBERALISM 10. Developing Inclusive Growth 11. Beyond Withered Local States Postscript: The Stoke Road to Brexit References Index
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