ASEAN and East Asian International Relations

ASEAN and East Asian International Relations

Regional Delusion


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Contents: Introduction: The Age of Delusion in the Asia-Pacific 1. The Delusions of Aseanology: Exploring the Sovietology of Southeast Asian Studies 2. An Imitation Community for Imitation States: ASEAN and the Region that Never Was 3. Asia Rising (Again): ASEAN and the Illusion of an Asian Model of Economic Development 4. The Contradictions in the Political Economy of East Asian Regionalism 5. A Delusion Transformed: ASEAN and East Asian Regionalism 6. Constructing and Deconstructing Regions: Australia's Engagement with 'Asia' 7. Political Illiberalism and the War on Terrorism in Southeast Asia: The Delusions of the Surveillance State Conclusion: It's No Fun at the ASEAN Bibliography Index
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