Learning Region

Learning Region

Foundations, State of the Art, Future


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Contents: 1. The Learning Region: Foundations, State of the Art, Future Roel Rutten and Frans Boekema PART I: FOUNDATIONS 2. Regional 'Worlds' of Production: Learning and Innovation in the Technology Districts of France, Italy and the USA Michael Storper 3. Toward the Learning Region Richard Florida 4. Industrial Districts as 'Learning Regions': A Condition for Prosperity Bjorn T. Asheim 5. The Learning Region: Institutions, Innovation and Regional Renewal Kevin Morgan PART II: STATE OF THE ART 6. The Learning Region: A Conceptual Anatomy Roel Rutten and Frans Boekema 7. Knowledge and the Competitiveness of Places Ed Malecki and Gert-Jan Hospers 8. Regional Innovation Networks Leon Oerlemans, Marius Meeus and Patrick Kenis 9. Regional Innovation Systems, Asymmetric Knowledge and the Legacies of Learning Philip Cooke 10. Localized Learning and Social Capital Mark Lorenzen 11. Learning About Innovation in Europe's Regional Policy Nicola Bellini and Mikel Landabaso 12. The Learning Region: A Constructive Critique Robert Hassink PART III: FUTURE 13. A Future for the Learning Region Roel Rutten and Frans Boekema Index
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