Trust Process in Organizations

Trust Process in Organizations

Empirical Studies of the Determinants and the Process of Trust Development


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Contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Trust Process 3. Governance Seen From a Framing Point of View: The Employment Relationship and Relational Signalling 4. Trust and Power as Means of Coordinating the Internal Relations of the Organization: A Conceptual Framework 5. Calculativeness, Trust and the Reciprocity Complex: Is the Market the Domain of Cynicism? 6. Understanding the Nature and the Antecedents of Trust Within Work Teams 7. Trusting Others in Organizations: Leaders, Management and Co-workers 8. Trust Building Inside the 'Epistemic Community': An Investigation with an Empirical Case Study 9. Norm Violations and Informal Control in Organizations: A Relational Signalling Perspective 10. The Dynamics of Trust and Trouble 11. Conclusions Index
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