Economics of the Digital Society

Economics of the Digital Society


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Contents: Foreword 1. Introduction and Summary 2. World-wide-welfare: A Micro-economic Analysis of 'The New Economy' 3. Network Formation, Innovation and IT Use 4. Adoption and Diffusion of e-Business and the Role of Network Effects 5. Radio Spectrum Fees as Determinants of Market Structure: The Consequences of European 3G Licensing 6. Does the New Economy Need all the Old IPR Institutions and Still More? 7. Free Software Developers: Who, How and Why 8. Technological Change, Job Stress and Burnout 9. Some Economics of Digital Content 10. How Computerization has Changed the Labour Market: A Review of the Evidence and a New Perspective 11. ICT and Optimal Unemployment Benefits when Pissarides meets Dixit-Stiglitz 12. Unleashing Animal Spirits: Investment in ICT and Economic Growth 13. The Impact of ICT Investment on Knowledge Accumulation and Economic Growth 14. A Digital Society for Us All: 'Old' and 'New' Policy Reflections Index
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