Innovation and Economic Development

Innovation and Economic Development

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Contents: Acknowledgements Introduction Lynn K. Mytelka PART I LEARNING, CAPACITY BUILDING AND DEVELOPMENT 1. Francisco R. Sagasti (1973), 'Underdevelopment, Science and Technology: The Point of View of the Underdeveloped Countries' 2. Carlota Perez (1988), 'New Technologies and Development' 3. Sanjaya Lall (1992), 'Technological Capabilities and Industrialization' 4. Martin Bell and Keith Pavitt (1993), 'Technological Accumulation and Industrial Growth: Contrast Between Developed and Developing Countries' 5. Lynn K. Mytelka (2004), 'Catching Up in New Wave Technologies' PART II INNOVATION SYSTEMS 6. Christopher Freeman (1988), 'Japan: A New National System of Innovation?' 7. Bengt-Ake Lundvall, Bjoern Johnson, Esben Sloth Andersen and Bent Dalum (2002), 'National Systems of Production, Innovation and Competence Building' 8. Lynn K. Mytelka (2000), 'Local Systems of Innovation in a Globalized World Economy' 9. Norman Clark (2002), 'Innovation Systems, Institutional Change and the New Knowledge Market: Implications for Third World Agricultural Development' PART III INSTITUTIONS, POLICIES AND INNOVATION 10. Amilcar Herrera (1973), 'Social Determinants of Science in Latin America: Explicit Science Policy and Implicit Science Policy' 11. Stan Metcalfe (1997), 'Technology Systems and Technology Policy in an Evolutionary Framework' 12. Ha-Joon Chang and Ali Cheema (2002), 'Conditions for Successful Technology Policy in Developing Countries - Learning Rents, State Structures, and Institutions' 13. Mario Cimoli and Jorge Katz (2003), 'Structural Reforms, Technological Gaps and Economic Development: A Latin American Perspective' 14. Meng-Chun Liu (2002), 'Determinants of Taiwan's Trade Liberalization: The Case of a Newly Industrialized Country' PART IV KNOWLEDGE NETWORKS, INNOVATION AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT 15. Trevor M.A. Farrell (1979), 'A Tale of Two Issues: Nationalization, the Transfer of Technology and the Petroleum Multinationals in Trinidad-Tobago' 16. Gary Gereffi (1999), 'International Trade and Industrial Upgrading in the Apparel Commodity Chain' 17. Martin Bell and Michael Albu (1999), 'Knowledge Systems and Technological Dynamism in Industrial Clusters in Developing Countries' 18. Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka (2003), 'Knowledge Networks and Technological Capabilities in the African Manufacturing Cluster' 19. Rajah Rasiah (1996), 'Innovation and Institution: Moving Towards the Technological Frontier in the Electronics Industry in Malaysia' PART V AGRICULTURAL INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 20. Rene Kemp and Luc Soete (1992), 'The Greening of Technological Progress. An Evolutionary Perspective' 21. Robin Cowan and Philip Gunby (1996), 'Sprayed to Death: Path Dependence, Lock-in and Pest Control Strategies' 22. Kevin C. Urama and Ian Hodge (2004), 'Irrigation Externalities and Agricultural Sustainability in South-eastern Nigeria' 23. Kojo Sebastian Amanor (1994), 'Ecological Knowledge and the Regional Economy: Environmental Management in the Asesewa District of Ghana' 24. Andrew Hall, Geoffrey Bockett, Sarah Taylor, M.V.K. Sivamohan and Norman Clark (2001), 'Why Research Partnerships Really Matter: Innovation Theory, Institutional Arrangements and Implications for Developing New Technology for the Poor' Name Index
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