Innovation Strategies in Interdependent States

Innovation Strategies in Interdependent States

Essays on Smaller Nations, Regions and Cities in a Globalized World

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Contents: 1. Introduction: Innovation in an Age of Interdependence Part I: The Texture of the New Economy 2. The New Competition 3. Some Economic Consequences of Knowledge 4. Technology, Trade and Investment in Interdependent Economies 5. Innovation, Institutions and International Development 6. The Institutional Governance of Innovation 7. Capacities and Priorities in Innovation Part II: Constructing Advantage in the New Economy 8. Interdependence and National Systems of Innovation 9. Transitional Systems of Innovation 10. Learning in Local Systems of Innovation 11. Constructing Advantage in Smaller Regions 12. Constructing Advantages in Cities 13. Lessons from Cities and Smaller Nations Part III: Cultures of the New Economy 14. Innovation, Globalization and the Challenges to Science and Technology Policy 15. Innovation, Science and Priorities in Open Societies 16. Innovation and Interdependence in the New Republic of Knowledge 17. Conclusion: The Embedded Culture of Innovation Bibliography Index
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