Post-Keynesian Principles of Economic Policy

Post-Keynesian Principles of Economic Policy


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Contents: Introduction Claude Gnos and Louis-Philippe Rochon PART I: MONETARY POLICY 1. Interest Rates and the Real Economy Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer 2. Banking Behaviour and the Brazilian Economy After the End of the Real Plan: A Post-Keynesian Approach Luiz Fernando De Paula and Antonio J. Alves, Jr 3. Is There an Active Role for Monetary Policy in the Endogenous Money Approach? Giuseppe Fontana and Alfonso Palacio-Vera 4. The Post-Keynesian Consensus, the New Consensus and Endogenous Money Virginie Monvoisin and Louis-Philippe Rochon 5. A Post-Keynesian Framework for Monetary Policy: Why Interest Rate Operating Procedures Are Not Enough Thomas I. Palley PART II: FISCAL POLICY AND EFFECTIVE DEMAND 6. What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been: Can We Muddle Through Without Fiscal Policy? Stephanie Kelton and L. Randall Wray 7. Views on Long-term Investment and Finance: Keynes's Heterodoxy Co-Opted Omar F. Hamouda 8. The Absolute Paradox of Economic Policy in Contemporary Capitalism Alain Parguez 9. Fiscal Policy, Government Intervention and Endogenous Money: Are Chartalist and Circuitist Theories Complementary? Corinne Pastoret 10. Monetary Policy, Labour Market Institutions and US Macroeconomic Performance During the 1990s Mark Setterfield PART III: REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ISSUES 11. A Fully Coherent Post-Keynesian Model of Currency Boards Marc Lavoie 12. The Post-Keynesian Case for No Exchange Rates Basil J. Moore 13. EMU and EU Enlargement: Lessons and Perspectives Sergio Rossi Index
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