Theory of International Trade

Theory of International Trade

Volume 2, The Theory of International Capital Movements

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Contents: Introduction PART I: PHYSICAL CAPITAL MOVEMENTS 1. International Trade with Capital Mobility: A Substitution Theorem 2. Capital Movement as a Substitute for Technology Transfer: A Comment 3. The Theory of Exploitative Trade and Investment Policies: A Reformulation and Synthesis PART II: FINANCIAL CAPITAL MOVEMENTS 4. The Transfer Problem Once Again 5. A Reconsideration of the "Elasticity Approach" to Balance-of-Payments Adjustment Problems 6. The Theory and Application of Trade Utility Functions 7. Exchange-Rate Flexibility and Resource Allocation 8. A General-Equilibrium Framework for Analyzing the Responses of Imports and Exports to External Price Changes: An Aggregation Theorem 9. The Classical Transfer Problem and the Theory of Foreign Exchanges 10. Trade Balance and Exchange Rates 11. An Application of Integrability and Duality Theory to the Classical Transfer Problem in International Trade Index
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