Competition and Corporate Governance in Korea

Competition and Corporate Governance in Korea

Reforming and Restructuring the Chaebol


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Contents: Introduction Part I: Government and Chaebols: Institutional Perspectives 1. The Chaebol, Corporate Policy and Korea's Development Paradigm 2. An Alternative Perspective on Government Policy towards the Chaebol in Korea: Industrial Policy, Financial Regulations and Political Democracy Part II: Corporate Governance and Chaebol Reform 3. Corporate Governance and Chaebol Reform in Korea 4. The Monitoring Role of Financial Institutions in the Korean Corporate Sector 5. Restructuring and Corporate Governance of the Korean Chaebol Part III: Chaebol Restructuring Policy and its Evaluation 6. Chaebol Restructuring Revisited: A Coasian Perspective 7. Government-led Restructuring of Firms' Excess Capacity and its Limits: Korean 'Big Deal' Case Part IV: Chaebol Business Structure and Survival Strategies 8. The Evolution and Restructuring of Diversified Business Groups in Emerging Markets: The Lessons from Chaebols in Korea 9. Portfolio Restructuring Based on Strategic Relatedness between Businesses: A Suggestion for the Chaebol Index
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