Elgar Companion to Alfred Marshall

Elgar Companion to Alfred Marshall

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Contents: Introduction PART I: LIFE AND WORK 1. Life and Activities Peter D. Groenewegen 2. Mary Paley Marshall Rita McWilliams Tullberg 3. The Early Philosophical Papers Brian J. Loasby 4. 'Ye Machine' Tiziano Raffaelli 5. The Early Historical Notes Simon Cook 6. The Early Economic Writings John K. Whitaker 7. Teacher and Academic Peter D. Groenewegen 8. The Economics of Industry Giacomo Becattini and Marco Dardi 9. The Economics Tripos Tamotsu Nishizawa 10. Principles of Economics: Genesis, Structure and Evolution John K. Whitaker 11. Industry and Trade Philip L. Williams 12. Money, Credit and Commerce Annalisa Rosselli 13. Giving Advice to Governments Peter D. Groenewegen PART II: BACKGROUND AND INFLUENCES 14. The Victorian Cultural Context Robert W. Butler 15. The Young Marshall's University Christopher Stray 16. Early Influences Simon Cook 17. Readings and Library Katia Caldari 18. Interpreter of the 'Classics' Peter D. Groenewegen 19. Charles Babbage Simon Cook 20. The Influence of German Economists Erich W. Streissler PART III: SCOPE AND METHOD 21. Marshall on Method Ronald Coase 22. The Definition of Economics Roger E. Backhouse 23. Mathematics and Statistics Marco Dardi 24. Economics and Sociology Paolo Giovannini 25. Economics and Economic History Gerard M. Koot 26. Economics and Ethics Bob W. Coats and Tiziano Raffaelli 27. Economics and Psychology Simon Cook 28. Economics and Biology Geoffrey M. Hodgson 29. Economic Nations Giacomo Becattini PART IV: ECONOMIC ANALYSIS A. Equilibrium and Dynamics 30. Partial Equilibrium and Period Analysis Marco Dardi 31. Market Adjustment Processes Axel Leijonhufvud 32. Marshall versus Walras on Equilibrium Michel De Vroey 33. The Principle of Substitution Antonio Gay 34. Coeteris Paribus Fabio Cerina 35. Differentiation and Integration Gulbahar Tezel B. The Theory of Value 36. Normal Value Mehrdad Vahabi 37. Time John Foster 38. Wants and Activities Bradley W. Bateman 39. Demand Marco Dardi 40. Custom and Competition Ekkehart Schlicht 41. Market Forms and Market Power Jaques Kerstenetzky C. The Theory of Distribution 42. The Theory of Distribution: An Overview John K. Whitaker 43. Labour and Wages Katia Caldari 44. Prospectiveness and Productiveness: The Theory of Capital and Interest Ian Steedman 45. Entrepreneurship and Profits Enzo Pesciarelli 46. Rent John K. Whitaker 47. Quasi-rent and Composite Quasi-rent Masashi Kondo 48. Share Tenancy and Sharecropping Claudio Cecchi D. Industrial Analysis 49. Industrial Organization Brian J. Loasby 50. Increasing and Diminishing Returns Renee Prendergast 51. Internal and External Economies Marco Bellandi 52. The Localization of Industry Ron Martin 53. Business Size Neil Hart 54. Standardization Kenji Fuji 55. The Representative Firm Michel Quere E. Money and Commerce 56. The Quantity Theory of Money Thomas M. Humphrey 57. Price Stabilization Policies Alberto Zanni 58. Credit Cycles and the Rate of Interest Pascal Bridel 59. The Theory of International Trade John Creedy 60. Marketing Mark Casson 61. The Barter Controversy John Creedy 62. Speculation Bradley W. Bateman 63. Trade Policy Roger E. Backhouse PART V: SOCIAL AND POLITICAL ISSUES 64. Progress Katia Caldari 65. Character and Capabilities Tiziano Raffaelli 66. State Intervention David A. Reisman 67. Trade Unions Roy Petridis 68. Cooperation Bernard Gerbier 69. Industrial Relations Tamotsu Nishizawa 70. Socialism Rita McWilliams Tullberg 71. Education Simon Cook 72. Women's Education Rita McWilliams Tullberg 73. Economic Chivalry Bernard Gerbier 74. The Residuum Rhead S. Bowman 75. Population Rhead S. Bowman 76. Environmentalism and Town Planning Giacomo Becattini and Gabriele Corsani 77. New Liberalism Eugenio F. Biagini PART VI: MARSHALL AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES 78. Henry Sidgwick Bart Schultz 79. William Kingdon Clifford Tiziano Raffaelli 80. Benjamin Jowett Warren J. Samuels 81. William Stanley Jevons John K. Whitaker 82. Francis Ysidro Edgeworth Alberto Baccini 83. Herbert Somerton Foxwell Richard D. Freeman 84. William Cunningham Salim Rashid 85. John Neville Keynes Rita McWilliams Tullberg 86. Arthur Cecil Pigou David A. Collard 87. John Maynard Keynes Donald E. Moggridge 88. Walter Thomas Layton Carlo Cristiano PART VII: MARSHALL'S LEGACY 89. The Marshallian School of Economics Giacomo Becattini 90. The 'Increasing Returns and Competition' Dilemma: From Marshall to Pigou Roberto Marchionatti 91. The Theory of the Firm After Marshall Denis P. O'Brien 92. Welfare Economics: Marshallian Welfare Economics and the Economic Welfare of Marshall Steven G. Medema PART VIII: MARSHALL AND PRESENT-DAY ECONOMICS 93. Evolutionary Economics J. Stanley Metcalfe 94. Industrial Economics Richard N. Langlois 95. The Industrial District and Development Economics Giacomo Becattini 96. Cognitive Economics Massimo Egidi and Salvatore Rizzello 97. Institutional Economics: Digging Deeper into the Interplay between Institutions and Individual Behaviour Jack Vromen 98. Methodology Pierluigi Barrotta 99. Microeconomics of Supply Arrigo Opocher Index
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