Technology, Knowledge and the Firm

Technology, Knowledge and the Firm

Implications for Strategy and Industrial Change

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Contents: Introduction Part I: Knowledge and the Firm 1. Craft and Code: Intensification of Innovation and Management of Knowledge 2. The Economics of Governance: The Role of Localized Knowledge in the Interdependence Among Transaction, Coordination and Production 3. Innovation, Consumption and Knowledge: Services and Encapsulation Part II: Innovation and Firm Strategy 4. Paths to Deepwater in the International Upstream Petroleum Industry 5. Consumers and Suppliers as Co-Producers of Technology and Innovation in Electronically Mediated Banking: The Cases of Internet Banking in Nordbanken and Societe Generale 6. Technological Shifts and Industry Reaction: Shifts in Fuel Preference for the Fuel Cell Vehicle in the Automotive Industry 7. Distant Networking? The Out-Cluster Strategies of New Biotechnology Firms 8. New Science and Old Industries: Adoption of Biotechnology in European Food Companies 9. Commercialization of Corporate Science and the Production of Research Articles Part III: Long-Term Technological Change and the Economy 10. Making (Kondratiev) Waves: Simulating Long-Run Technical Change for an Integrated Assessment System 11. Nonlinear Dynamism of Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Index