Knowledge, Beliefs and Economics

Knowledge, Beliefs and Economics


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Contents: 1. Introduction Richard Arena and Agnes Festre PART I: KNOWLEGDE AND BELIEFS IN THE HISTORY OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS: MARSHALLIANS, AUSTRIANS AND WALRASIANS 2. Expectations, Uncertainty and Beliefs in Marshallian and Post-Marshallian Analyses of Economic Systems Brian J. Loasby 3. Knowledge and Beliefs in Economics: The Case of the Austrian Tradition Richard Arena and Agnes Festre 4. General Equilibrium, Co-ordination and Multiplicity on Spot Markets Roger Guesnerie PART II: KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEFS IN GAME THEORY 5. Justifications of Game Theoretic Equilibrium Notions Bernard Walliser 6. Game Theory and Players' Beliefs on the Play Christian Schmidt PART III: BELIEFS AND DECISION THEORY 7. Beliefs and Dynamic Consistency Jean-Marc Tallon and Jean-Christophe Vergnaud 8. Utility or Rationality? Restricted or General Rationality? Raymond Boudon PART IV: KNOWLEDGE, BELIEFS AND COGNITIVE ECONOMICS 9. The Cognitive Turning Point in Economics: Social Beliefs and Conventions Andre Orlean 10. A Cognitive Approach to Individual Learning: Some Experimental Results Marco Novarese and Salvatore Rizzello PART V: AGENTS, COMMUNITIES AND COLLECTIVE BELIEFS 11. Consumer Communities, Self-organization and Beliefs Stephane Ngo-Mai and Alain Raybaut 12. Informal Communication, Collective Beliefs and Corporate Culture: A Conception of the Organization as a 'Community of Communities' Patrick Cohendet and Morad Diani Index
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