Industrial Districts

Industrial Districts

A New Approach to Industrial Change

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Contents: Foreword: An Invitation to Read by Brian Loasby Introduction Part I: From the 'Sector' to the 'District' 1. From the Industrial 'Sector' to the Industrial 'District': Some Remarks on the Conceptual Foundations of Industrial Economics 2. The Marshallian Industrial District as a Socioeconomic Notion 3. The Industrial District as a Creative Milieu 4. Local Systems and Global Markets (with Enzo Rullani) 5. From Marshallian to Italian 'Industrial Districts': A Brief Critical Reconstruction 6. Measuring the 'District Effect': Reflections on the Literature (with Francesco Musotti) Part II: Industrial Districts and Beyond 7. Thought and Places in the Works of Carlo Cattaneo 8. Industrial Sectors and Industrial Districts: Tools for Industrial Analysis 9. The Conditions of Local Development 10. Rural Identities and Globalisation (with Luigi Omodei Zorini) Bibliography Index
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