Handbook on Small Nations in the Global Economy

Handbook on Small Nations in the Global Economy

The Contribution of Multinational Enterprises to National Economic Success

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Contents: 1. Small Nations in the Global Economy: An Overview Daniel Van Den Bulcke, Alain Verbeke and Wenlong Yuan 2. Globalization in the Netherlands Annelies Hogenbirk, John Hagedoorn and Hans van Kranenburg 3. Belgium's Competitiveness: A Comparison of Foreign and Domestic Companies Filip De Beule and Ilke Van Beveren 4. Porter's Diamond and Small Nations in the Global Economy: Ireland as a Case Study John Cassidy, Frank Barry and Chris van Egeraat 5. Upgrading the International Competitiveness of a Transition Economy: Slovenia in the European and Global Economy Andreja Jaklic, Matija Rojec and Marjan Svetlicic 6. Multinational Enterprises from Small Economies: The Internationalization Patterns of Large Companies from Denmark, Finland and Norway Gabriel Robertstad G. Benito, Jorma Larimo, Rajneesh Narula and Torben Pedersen 7. The Competitive Advantage of Canada: A Firm-level Analysis Wenlong Yuan and Alain Verbeke 8. Chile as an Example of the Augmented Diamond Robert Grosse 9. The Development Trajectory of a Small Island Economy: The Successful Case of Mauritius Jahan Ara Peerally and John Cantwell 10. New Zealand and the Challenge of Global Competition Peter Enderwick and Joanna Scott-Kennel 11. The Competitive Position of a Developing Economy: The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Cambodia Ludo Cuyvers, Reth Soeng and Daniel Van Den Bulcke Index
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