Handbook of Knowledge and Economics

Handbook of Knowledge and Economics

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Contents: Introduction Richard Arena, Agnes Festre and Nathalie Lazaric PART I: KNOWLEDGE AND ECONOMICS: A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE 2. What Vilfredo Pareto Brought to the Economics of Knowledge Ludovic Ragni 3. Knowledge in Marshall Brian J. Loasby 4. Carl Menger and Friedrich von Wieser on the Role of Knowledge and Beliefs in the Emergence and Evolution of Institutions Agnes Festre 5. The Pragmatist View of Knowledge and Beliefs in Institutional Economics: The Significance of Habits of Thought, Transactions and Institutions in the Conception of Economic Behavior Veronique Dutraive 6. Imagination and Perception as Gateways to Knowledge: The Unexplored Affinity between Boulding and Hayek Roberta Patalano 7. The knowledge-Rationality Connection in Herbert Simon Salvatore Rizzello and Anna Spada PART II: ECONOMICS, KNOWLEDGE AND UNCERTAINTY 8. A Note on Information, Knowledge and Economic Theory Giovanni Dosi 9. The Cognitive Explanation of Economic Behavior: From Simon to Kahneman Massimo Egidi 10. Towards a Theoretical Framework for the Generation and Utilization of Knowledge Pier Paolo Saviotti 11. Models of Adaptive Learning in Game Theory Jacques Durieu and Philippe Solal 12. The Fragility of Experiential Knowledge Dominique Foray 13. One Knowledge Base or Many Knowledge Pools? Bengt-Ake Lundvall 14. Knowledge in Finance: Objective Value versus Convention Andre Orlean PART III: ECONOMICS, KNOWLEDGE AND ORGANIZATION 15. Embodied Cognition, Organization and Innovation Bart Nooteboom 16. Knowledge and its Economic Characteristics: A Conceptual Clarification Ulrich Witt, Tom Broekel and Thomas Brenner 17. Tacit Knowledge Paul Nightingale 18. The Firm as a 'Platform of Communities': A Contribution to the Knowledge-based Approach of the Firm Ash Amin and Patrick Cohendet 19. The Architecture and Management of Knowledge in Organizations Mie Augier and Thorbjorn Knudsen 20. Distributed Knowledge and its Coordination Markus C. Becker 21. Evolution of Individual and Organizational Knowledge: Exploring Some Motivational Triggers Enabling Change Nathalie Lazaric Index
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