Governance and Ownership

Governance and Ownership

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Contents: Acknowledgements Introduction Robert Watson PART I FORMS OF OWNERSHIP AND CORPORATE DIVERSITY 1. Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes and Andrei Shleifer (1999), 'Corporate Ownership Around the World' 2. William S. Schulze, Michael H. Lubatkin, Richard N. Dino and Ann K. Buchholtz (2001), 'Agency Relationships in Family Firms: Theory and Evidence' 3. Bernard S. Black and Ronald J. Gilson (1998), 'Venture Capital and the Structure of Capital Markets: Banks versus Stock Markets' 4. Julian Franks and Colin Mayer (2001), 'Ownership and Control of German Corporations' PART II INSIDER OWNERSHIP, MONITORING BY BLOCKHOLDERS AND CORPORATE PERFORMANCE 5. Helen Short and Kevin Keasey (1999), 'Managerial Ownership and the Performance of Firms: Evidence from the UK' 6. Charles P. Himmelberg, R. Glenn Hubbard and Darius Palia (1999), 'Understanding the Determinants of Managerial Ownership and the Link between Ownership and Performance' 7. Sunil Wahal (1996), 'Pension Fund Activism and Firm Performance' 8. Mara Faccio and M. Ameziane Lasfer (2000), 'Do Occupational Pension Funds Monitor Companies in Which They Hold Large Stakes?' 9. John Holland (1998), 'Influence and Intervention by Financial Institutions in their Investee Companies' PART III OWNERSHIP, MANAGERIAL SUCCESSION AND CORPORATE RESTRUCTURING 10. David J. Denis and Atulya Sarin (1999), 'Ownership and Board Structures in Publicly Traded Corporations' 11. Brian F. Smith and Ben Amoako-Adu (1999), 'Management Succession and Financial Performance of Family Controlled Firms' 12. Ken Robbie and Mike Wright (1995), 'Managerial and Ownership Succession and Corporate Restructuring: The Case of Management Buy-ins' 13. Robert C. Hanson and Moon H. Song (2000), 'Managerial Ownership, Board Structure, and the Division of Gains in Divestitures' 14. Rakesh Duggal and James A. Millar (1999), 'Institutional Ownership and Firm Performance: The Case of Bidder Returns' 15. Robert F. Bruner (1999), 'An Analysis of Value Destruction and Recovery in the Alliance and Proposed Merger of Volvo and Renault' PART IV OWNERSHIP, EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION AND CORPORATE DECISION MAKING 16. Hamid Mehran (1995), 'Executive Compensation Structure, Ownership, and Firm Performance' 17. Parthiban David, Rahul Kochhar and Edward Levitas (1998), 'The Effect of Institutional Investors on the Level and Mix of CEO Compensation' 18. Randolph P. Beatty and Edward J. Zajac (1994), 'Managerial Incentives, Monitoring, and Risk Bearing: A Study of Executive Compensation, Ownership, and Board Structure in Initial Public Offerings' 19. Peter Wright, Stephen P. Ferris, Atulya Sarin and Vidya Awasthi (1996), 'Impact of Corporate Insider, Blockholder, and Institutional Equity Ownership on Firm Risk Taking' 20. Marc Goergen and Luc Renneboog (2001), 'Investment Policy, Internal Financing and Ownership Concentration in the UK' Name Index
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