Frontiers in Ecological Economic Theory and Application

Frontiers in Ecological Economic Theory and Application


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Contents: Preface Jon D. Erickson and John M. Gowdy PART I: ECOLOGICAL ECONOMIC THEORY An Overview of Part I Herman E. Daly 1. Wrong in Retrospect: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Past Successes Frank Ackerman, Lisa Heinzerling and Rachel I. Massey 2. Reorienting Macroeconomic Theory Towards Environmental Sustainability Jonathan M. Harris 3. Growth and Equity: Dismantling the Kaldor-Kuznets-Solow Consensus Brendan P. Fisher and Jon D. Erickson 4. Ecological Economics as a Basis for Distributive Justice Frank G. Muller PART II: BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEM HEALTH An Overview of Part II Carl N. McDaniel 5. The Technological Juggernaut and Nature's Ecological Systems Paul P. Christensen 6. Assessing Ecosystem Health in Dutchess County, New York Karin E. Limburg and Karen M. Stainbrook 7. Safe Minimum Standard Analysis of the Florida Manatee Barry D. Solomon, Cristi M. Corey-Luse and Kathleen E. Halvorsen 8. Development in the Adirondack Park, New York: Projections and Implications Michale J. Glennon and William F. Porter PART III: CLIMATE CHANGE An Overview of Part III Stephen H. Schneider 9. Problems in Economic Assessments of Climate Change with Attention to the United States of America Clive L. Spash 10. Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest: Valuing Snowpack Loss for Agriculture and Salmon Eban Goodstein and Laura Matson 11. A Contingent Behavior Analysis of the Effects of Climate Change on National Park Visitation Robert B. Richardson 12. Second-Best Pollution Taxes in the Economics of Climate Change Richard B. Howarth 13. Ranking the Adaptive Capacity of Nations to Climate Change when Socio-Political Goals are Explicit Brent M. Haddad PART IV: ENERGY An Overview of Part IV Nathan John Hagens 14. Energy Quality, Net Energy and the Coming Energy Transition Cutler J. Cleveland 15. The Hydrogen Futures Simulation Model: Pathways to a Hydrogen Future Thomas E. Drennen and Jennifer E. Rosthal 16. Measuring Sustainable Energy Development with a Three-Dimensional Index Brynhildur Davidsdottir, Daniel A. Basoli, Sarah Fredericks and Claire Lafitte Enterline 17. The Elasticity of Substitution, the Capital-Energy Controversy and Sustainability David I. Stern Index
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